13 January 2009

One Book, 9 Endings!

Remember those pick the next scene books that were popular in the 80's? Well now you can direct the course of a romance novella in the same way! Thanks to a cooperative publisher (Red Sage) and hyperlinks in my ebook novella, MEGAN'S CHOICE, you, the reader, get to orchestrate the flow of the narrative. The book came out the first of January 2009, and boy am I excited about it!

Here is the blurb:

Megan Malone, the quadrant's fastest zip ship pilot, is overworked, overtired and craves the surf, sun and sex of a paradise planet vacation. When her employer receives an urgent commission from the government requesting Megan's services on a diplomatic mission, she's all set to refuse--especially when she finds out her domineering ex-lover Yusef Gunnen will be part of that mission.

But what Megan doesn't know is that she's no longer calling her own shots. You, the reader, must choose what she does next. And what you decide Megan will do at the end of each episode will change her life forever.

My publisher tells me that independent retail outlets don't support the clickable links inside documents yet, so fully interactive versions are available only at http://www.eredsage.com/

To try before you buy, I've got a hefty portion of the first scene up at my site here, and a portion of a later scene here. I'm also about to start a contest where the prize will be a download of the book and some extra goodies!

If you like to try new things...turn to page 1 :)

Jody W. w/a Ellie Marvel
Megan's Choice -- Choose Your Adventure!
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