27 January 2009

The Watchers (paranormal romance)

No one can say when the first vampire walked the earth. No one knows where he came from. He was known by many names, and although myths about his abilities differed, there was one common theme─death. Brutal killings and blood-drained bodies settled fear and anger in the hearts of humans.

Those who grew tired of hiding within the shadows and being hunted stepped forward, wanting a better way of life. They learned to leash their lust for blood by obtaining their sustenance of life from animal meat and not from humans.

It was this new civilization of vampires, those who realized their only means of survival was to blend in among the humans, who set the standard for the future of their race. But, even as this new society grew, so did the number of rogue vampires.

Dr. Stephanus Olivia traveled the world seeking strong, honorable warriors to fight for the continued survival of their race by removing those who threaten to reveal their secret and destroy how far they have come.

Thus it began. The society of Watchers was created with Cells of warriors all over the world, upholding their vow to protect the innocent and eliminate Rogues.

Dr. Stephanus Olivia created the Watchers to help balance the scales of good and evil. Cells of Watchers, vampire warriors, were established all over the world to protect humans and civilian vampires from Rogues─merciless killers with an unending quest of sating their desire for the thrill of a kill, and the blood of their victim.
Downtown Louisville, Kentucky is home to one of those Cells. When the sun goes down, four Watchers guard the city, upholding their vow to protect the innocent with their lives. The job is rough, requiring focus and training, not to mention the drive to eliminate rogue vampires in order to keep their race under the radar.

The first book of the series, Midnight Reborn, sets the stage for the city, the downtown Louisville Cell and the day-to-day, or rather night-to-night, life of a Watcher.

Trigg hunts alone, just how he likes it, and he’s never been one to follow the rules, which usually lands him in hot water with his CO. The others believe him to have a heart of stone and give him space…a lot of space.

Follow Trigg through his coming to terms with who he is, what his head tells him about his life as a Watcher, and what his heart wants after Robyn Andrew steps off a bus and onto the city’s streets.

In the second book of the series, Midnight Rose, Vane is faced with the reality that trying to fill the hole in his life with women and spending all his free time out on the town has gotten him nowhere, but alone.

That is until he meets Rosa Bella.

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