14 January 2009


In some ways, January and September are my favorite months. I guess I like beginnings, or I like the end of vacations. Even if I like vacations too!

But routine is a friend to me, and it's great being back in the swing of writing again. I finished up a project in the first week of January—not that there won't be edits. And I've got two new ideas running around in my head. So this week I want to write partials. Which are, obviously, beginnings.

One is easier than the other. It's set in the same world I've been writing in for a while, with shapeshifters (cats and wolves) as well as the occasional psychic. I'll read up a bit more on cats, because I like doing things like that. But most of the work is in the story itself.

The second project is in a different place and has different research needs. It makes me excited, to read about history and lighthouses and seals and the ocean and…well you get the idea. But that takes times, of which I never seem to have enough. But I'm still going get a partial out of this. I'd hate for the idea to fade away. This way, if I write my partial, then if I have to leave the idea alone for months (because of the other project), I should be able to find my way back to writing the entire thing.

Anyway, who else has writing projects for 2009? Or reading projects? I've signed on for a reading challenge which I hope I can keep up with. First assignment is reading a category, so I'm going to look for an old Silhouette Intimate Moments (my favorite and, sadly, now-defunct line) and read that. In fact I better pick it up soon!
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