10 January 2009

Wind turbine damage and UFO’s

You may have caught this in a “strange events” segment of the news this week.  On Jan 5th, in the small settlement of Conisholme in the UK, a 20m blade “fell” off a wind turbine, and another blade was left mangled by unknown forces.

Nearby residents report seeing “strange flashing tentacle shaped lights” above the wind farm that housed the turbine on the night before the damage happened.



Was it a UFO?  Or is there a more earthly cause for the damage?  Speculation has ranged from a giant block of ice falling on the blade (there was no sign of impact on the ground that would support this), to an unmanned Stealth bomber flying into the blade (no sign of debris from this either).  And what about the lights in the sky the night before?  Meteors?  Overactive imagination? 


The damaged blade has been sent to Germany for testing, and scientists hope to know within days if there is physical proof of the cause.  But what do you think?  Could this be proof that we aren’t alone in the cosmic playground?

Just under a year ago I blogged about another mysterious sighting, that time in Texas.  Stephenville Lights was a website started to track the information about that sighting as it was studied – it’s an interesting site to check out if you’re curious about what happened after the mainstream media went away to bigger and fresher stories.  I wonder if the people of Conisholme will start their own site as the story progresses.

What do you think of this latest sighting?  Another odd but not so mysterious sighting?  Or further proof that we share our universe with beings other than ourselves?

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