17 September 2011

Fall TV Schedule - The Secret Circle

I'm behind. With my schedule, the only way I get to follow television is through online streaming or Hulu. :) And that means I never catch on to the really good shows until it's too late.

But, wonder of wonders, I zipped over to iTunes last week and saw the pilot for "The Secret Circle" as a free preview download. Since it's on my list of shows I'd like to eventually follow, I downloaded it. And man, am I glad I did!

The lead in the show is a favorite from "Life Unexpected." The idea of the show is from a YA series I haven't read, but now plan to dig up. Covenant and Practical Magic all tied into one. I was intrigued and now am looking forward to following it.

And that brings me to the question: Has anyone else noticed the surge of paranormal shows popping up? I mean, True Blood, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries aside, most supernatural shows I get addicted to get canceled pretty quickly. Wolf Lake, Night Stalker, and the Invisible Man, just to name a few that I liked that didn't make it.

What about you? What new shows coming out this year are you looking forward to following? I know that I am still going to have to rely on Hulu and online streaming to keep track of things, but it definitely looks like a great winter line-up.


A. Catherine Noon said...

I'm really looking forward to Hawaii Five-O coming out. It's very different than the original, but I'm really liking what I've seen so far. I'm curious-ish about Ringer, though I'm not sure I like the idea of a woman who steals her sister's life being the hero. That's a repugnant thing to do and I have a hard time seeing how to make the character sympathetic.

Other than that, I don't really know what I want to see. I'm a skeptic on new shows, because I have so little time. Based on folks' recommendations that I trust, I try new shows. I really enjoy the Mentalist, for example, and Dexter (though I have some questions about Dexter as a character as well).

I'm glad you mentioned the new show; I loved the two shows you compared it to so I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Kaye Chambers said...

I LOVED Hawaii Five-O last year and was so afraid it wouldn't get picked up again. :)

Another show I adore is Haven - and Covert Affairs. :)

Xakara said...

My DVR is working overtime this fall.

Noony ~ She doesn't steal her sister's life at all. I won't explain what happened, but you should watch the pilot rather than judge on the write-up because its missing the details.

I love Hawaii 5-0 and can't wait for it's return next week!

I don't watch Dexter. I appreciate the premise, but I can't reconcile enough to get into the show.

Kaye ~ I love Haven as well! So glad you mentioned it, because I can't find enough fans. :)

Covert Affairs is wonderful. I really like the way USA has stepped up with shows. I like Burn Notice, White Collar and Royal Pains from them as well.

I enjoyed Secret Circle and I hope it continues to develop per the promise of the pilot. It could go horribly wrong, but I have hope. *grin*

On the sci-fi/supernatural side of things, I'm looking forward to Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Terra Nova and A Gifted Man.


Jean Marie Ward said...

I'm a total USA Channel junkie. It's reached the point where if they air it, I'll give it a spin. Beyond that--and LEVERAGE, EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13, of course--I'm taking it show by show as they air.

Xakara said...

JM, I love Leverage as well! Also a Warehouse 13 fan. As far as Eureka, it's such a fave that I went into mourning when it was renewed and then cancelled suddenly. I still can't wrap my head around that. But I'll enjoy the last season all the same!


CJ said...

As someone who read the books back years ago, there are elements of the books that I missed in the pilot. The way Cassie and Adam meet, for one, set a point for the entire series. The setting, especially Cassie's grandmother's house, felt almost like another character in the book (and is completely different on the show). The coven is bigger in the books, I feel like we got shortchanged there but understand the reasoning.

That said.... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first episode. Also, Thomas Dekker is sort of adorable.

Kaye Chambers said...

Isn't he just, CJ? :)

I love USA, too. Thank Goodness for Hulu! I'd never get to watch anything!