21 September 2011

No TV post

ACK! Sorry for the whited-out posting before - it was late last night and I was tired. I've fixed it!

Sorry, I have no TV post for you today. Though I'm sure I could totally ramble on for pages about TV characters and my favorite shows - my DVR is nearly full and several nights a week we have something taping on both televisions.

But no. I have bigger news and wanted to share. Well, it's officially unofficial news, since the contracts have not yet been signed by both parties. But I've been keeping it to myself for nearly a week, and it's been hard!  

Let me 'splain. No, it is too long. Let me sum up. (sorry, I'm a little giddy and I can't help myself.)

I started writing ten years ago. Ten years this month. Of the seven novels I've completed, I've sent three of those to look for agents. My first book went nowhere with agents, and probably rightly so. I mean, kids love it and it's all right, but I can see how it wasn't ready for prime time. The rewrites for the new edition are coming along fabulously. Anyway, then it was the first of the Library of Athena series, which got a better response but no takers. Hey, it went to Samhain and I'm still getting royalty checks. Didn't seem right to send the rest of the series to look for an agent when the first was already published somewhere.

And so we come to my Steampunk Fairy Tale, SMOKE & MIRRORS. This was the one, I said. My best effort. I sent it out, oh, a year or so ago, and it's been doing the rounds ever since. Two years, and two nearly complete rewrites later, and here we are.

And now, I'd like to introduce you to someone. Meet Terrie Wolf, of AKA Literary. She's an agent.

As of today, she's MY agent. Or, she will be officially when the postal service delivers the contract to her.

Yep. Took a decade, and seven books, and two rewrites of the one that finally landed her, but I have an agent. Terrie is AWESOME. We talked over an hour and a half last week, and we seem to be a perfect fit. I am completely confident in her ability to take SMOKE & MIRRORS to a great publisher and get us a great deal.

Here's an interview she did at Middle Grade Ninja just yesterday. Isn't she adorable??

While I am still a little in shock, and it doesn't seem real yet, I am really really really happy.

I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!! Shhhh!


Jean Marie Ward said...

Congratulations and three cheers!

Xakara said...

Congrats! That's awesome! :)