23 September 2011

When it's over...

For the past 3 years or more I'd been in a monogamous TV relationship with True Blood. The amazing part about that is I rarely commit myself to a TV show for very long, I rather play the field, get some variety in. But I admit it, True Blood drew me in and there was no turning back. Now True Blood and I have had some minor fights over the years, I admit I've been hurt many times, but we always found a way to make up.

That was, until 2 weeks ago…

(Spoilers ahead)




Though I admit the vampires of Bon Temps are not my favorite people (except Jessica), I was pretty relieved episode before last when they finally killed off the head witch, who had long ago gotten on my last nerve with her whining and moaning. I even allowed myself to enjoy the vampire juice box moment with Eric, despite the fact I have still never forgiven Eric for what he did to Lafayette in season 2.

Unfortunately, some folks just don't know when it's time to stay dead. Whiny Witchypoo jumped on board Lala and with his body she killed off one of my 3 favorite characters on the show, Jesus. Normally I prefer women loving women, I don’t read m/m, yet I freaking loved Lafayette and Jesus’ relationship. Team Lala and Jesus all the way. Producer Alan Ball's response to Jesus’ death? “Happy relationships are boring.

” Screw you!

In the first 5 min the writers of the show managed to destroy one of the only couples on the show that I cared anything about. The Sookie?Eric/Bill thing got old ages ago, especially her whole “I can't choose so I have to give up both of you” scene. Alpha vampires or not, I find it hard to believe that if that fairy nooky is that good, that these boys would not have found a way of working out so they could both get some. Especially with a great bromance they had going on this episode.

For a good chunk of the rest of the show the only thing that made me happy was seeing Gran yank the witch’s spirit out of my beloved Lafayette. I love Gran, she didn't play. The spark was gone from me besides that scene, especially seeing someone who just murdered one of the most wonderful, goodhearted guys on that show get to go off to her wonderful peaceful afterlife. How is that fair?

And if my heart hadn’t been ripped out enough watching Jesus’ spirit comfort Lafayette through Lala’s medium ability, promising he would always be with them, was almost too much to take, and then… and then… they finally kill off Debbie Pelt, but only after Tara taking a shotgun round across the side of her head to protect Sookie. There is not enough swearwords for me to fully express how pissed off I was at that moment.

I have 3 characters that been the heart and soul of that show for me, one is dead after being stabbed in the chest, the other is missing a chunk of her side of her head, and the 3rd looks to have lost damn near everybody he ever cared about. A woman can only take so much abuse before she has enough and have to break things off.

Am I saying I completely given up on my beloved True Blood? I don't know, but it would take a heckuva lot of groveling and some big ass impressive writing changes to heal the damage that was done during the season 4 finale. Until then I will enjoy my new tshirt I got today that says “WWLD… What would Lafayette do?”, watch old episodes and enjoy the happier times with team Lala and Jesus.

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