28 July 2007

Divination: The Celtic Ogham - Luis

Welcome back to my continuing series about Celtic Ogham divination! Yeah, I know I was supposed to post this last Sunday, but I was ensnared by the last Harry Potter book and was on internet/media blackout all weekend. :)

Today's letter is Luis which stands for the Rowan tree. It's pronounced, depending on what source you're reading, "loosh" or "lweesh".

Rowan, sometimes called Mountain Ash, is a member of the rose family and thrives in poor soils and disturbed areas. It is often found around ancient sites such as stone circles and castle ruins. The red berries, sometimes called serviceberries, were historically used to lure birds into traps; birds are also responsible for dispersing the seeds.

The rowan tree was important to the Druids. Before going into battle, they would say incantations over fires made from rowan wood, so it's not surprising that Luis represents protection and the ability to distinguish good from bad.

Color: Red and or green
Planet: Sun (some sources say Mars)
Element: Fire
Month: December
Bird: Duck
Crystal: tourmaline
Deities: Lugh, Dagda, Brighid, Rhiannon
Meanings: Yang (male) energy, psychic protection, courage in time of strife, empowerment, trusting your instincts.

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