13 July 2007

Have you done The Cube?

I adore doing personality quizzes….Meyers-Briggs, Glamour quizzes, obscure made-up web tests…I’ll take them all. I’m not sure why I take them. Probably because like most people, I think I’ll find something in my “results” that I can use to justify some not so good behavior…

But with all the quizzes I’ve ever taken, there is one that is the absolute coolest. I have so much fun with this “test”, I do it to all my friends when they come over.

One day, browsing through the bookstore, I came across a small square book. Its subtitle is what hooked me: The Ancient Visualization Game That Reveals Your True Self.

TRUE SELF? Hey, I want to know that. I had to buy it.

The book’s full title is Secrets of the Cube: The Ancient Visualizaion Game That Reveals Your True Self. It’s written by Annie Gottlieb and Slobodan D. Pesic.

And the best part? It’s scary how close to home it hits.

The authors ask you (or you ask your friends) a series of things to visualize. Then you describe in as much detail what you have visualized in your mind. Their explanations of what you saw in your vision read a bit like a dream interpretation book, but much more specific. I’m not going to tell you what they ask you to think about…it would ruin the fun when you have a chance to do this yourself

Of course it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you a little bit about what my “cube” told me about myself. On the up-side, I’m a Visionary Intuitive which means I can make “leaps of association that can lead an Intuitive to a correct conclusion by a non-logical route.” I think that is a pretty useful thing for a writer!

On the down-side, I can have “a sense of too many possibilities.” That’s not so good when I’m trying to decide which way I want a scene to go!!! Or when shopping for shoes!
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