08 July 2007

Klahdagh Readings For July

Finally got the gremlins out of my system and back to the blogosphere again. Here is the latest Kladagh readings for this Divination Sunday.

Also a little good news, my ebook Poseidon VII is now available from Samhain Publishing. You can see the movie of the book here


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Anyway enough bragging - now on to the readings for this month.

(This is the boring explanation bit. :) ) The Klahdagh is a tile based divination system that works at a kind of mix between Viking Runes and the Tarot. Tiles can be drawn for short reading patterns of five and seven tiles, or a full reading pattern of twelve tiles. Alternately a "snapshot" of three tiles can be used for a "quick peek" reading. Although the seven tile pattern is the standard, I've used the snapshot version here simply because of time restraints and ease of readability. Because the readings below are grouped for people under the astrological signs I call them Klahdaghoscopes as opposed to regular Klahdagh readings. If anyone would like a free seven tile reading for themselves or for a character they are writing please contact me at sjmsmith44@comcast.net, with Klahdagh Reading in the subject line. Please note, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Thank you.


Che - the chain. Che indicates delays and problems. Be aware of trouble brewing, deals turning sour and keep a watchful eye on employee relations. Try and negate the trouble spots before they occur.
Love: Widas - element of wind. There may be difficulty this month getting someone new accepted into your circle of friends/family. Don't fight it, keep a low profile and let things happen as they will for this month.
Wealth: Vali - the window. Far seeing events and planning are required in your finances this month. Plan now and the future financial security is assured.

Work: Kelm - spring. Be vigilant to changes at work, this is an opportune time for growth and promotion. Maybe even a great time to start that new job.
Love: Brica - element of fire. Conflict and the need to fight to protect your own is likely this month. Be strong.
Wealth: Kwa - the cow. This is a time to sit back, look after yourself and your savings and let them grow. Don't be too hasty to spend, keep it back for something important that is coming later on down the road.

Work: Kle - the babe. This is a time of success and completion. Congratulations are due for a job well done.
Love: Pice - the kite. Lighthearted, fun and joy fill your relationships this month. High ideals, creativity and freedom all ring out their songs. Go, enjoy.
Wealth: Widas - element of wind. Hold tight to your existing plans, don't be tempted to make sudden, unconsidered changes just because the grass looks greener with another financial advisor.

Work: Pice - the kite. Flexibility is the key word here, be prepared for last minute changes to schedules.
Love: Roga - the lodestone. Spend time focusing on those around you, your lovers family and friends. You've been a little negligent lately and they miss you.
Wealth: Kle - the babe. A small pot of gold is dropping in at your end of the rainbow, yay!

Work: Amb - the cup. A long put of decision has to be made, seek advice but make sure the ultimate decision is your own.
Love: Pice - the kite. Let yourself go and enjoy the time other people want to spend with you. Find new, interesting activities to try together and something surprising is likely to happen.
Wealth: Roga - the lodestone. Keep an eye on spending this month. This would be an easy month for sparklies to draw your cash away from you when other demands for your spending would be better dealt with.

Work: Lianche - the south page. Be wary of deceit this month at work. If you're in authority, your position may be threatened or undermined. Snap down on any found insurrection before it flames too hard to quench.
Love: Pice - the kite. Enjoy your family and friends, take time out to relax and go easy on yourself. Life is too hard to be tied to a boring old schedule all day.
Wealth: Urld - the world. Expect the unexpected, money wise. There could be good news -- or bad news -- heading your way, so be prepared for both.

Work: Roga - the lodestone. Concentrate at work and be more diligent. Your recent bout of lack of focus has been noted, now's the time to set the wrong-thinkers right.
Love: Jhud - the east page. This is a time to reflect on your relationships and find yourself within them. Don't allow them to take you over, and don't control those you love. This is a time to make peace and love.
Wealth: Mga - the sun. A very good time for finances. An indicator of unexpected gains and advances.

Elant - the sword. A long lasting problem at work is finally solved, congratulations, take some time to sit back and strengthen your new position.
Love: Tiall - the scroll. Loved ones, family and friends. You will learn something new and surprising about someone this month.
Wealth: Chobe - summer. New times for exploration, sharing and adventure. Financially things are certainly going to change for the better this month.

Widas - element of wind. It will be difficult to get your point of view across this month. Keep those ideas boiling though - your chance will eventually come.
Love: Kwa - the cow. Time to look after your loved ones. Show them a special time this month and it will reap its rewards in the months to come.
Wealth: Yanig - the necklace. Money is well indicated for you this month. You will find it easy to please all those around you, and put some back for yourself.

Work: Torm - the moon. Problems at work will require you to seek advice from someone older and more experienced. Don't hesitate to do this, you need their help.
Love: Kamen - the north king. This is a passionate month for you and your loved one, a month of strong kinship and family bonding. Relish and nurture the moments.
Wealth: Cisica - the north queen. An effort is required to keep your finances going this month, keep at it though, you will find the hidden strength to succeed.

Work: Palentia - the east queen. Success at work will result from looking after those in your charge or who work with you. Working together you will achieve hard to make deadlines.
Love: Kamen - the north king. A special loving month for you and your partner. Of all the months in this year this is the one you'll remember the most.
Wealth: Chon - the tomb. Expect changes in your finances, new plans, or sudden windfalls or losses. Nothing catastrophic but just something that will make you rethink your original investments.

Work: Fetoi - the man. Concentrate on work this month, that is the most important factor for you. Once you get work settled and under control everything else will follow.
Love: Palentia - the east queen. You will find cared and nurtured for by a loving partner this month. Seek pleasure and comfort in their company and you will find the strength to continue on.
Wealth: Shelea - the comet. An unexpected and passing event/person will come to you this month. Enjoy it while it happens, once it/they have gone it/they will never return.
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