24 July 2007

Samhain New Releases...

...of the paranormal variety! Check them out at www.samhainpublishing.com

"View to a Kill" by Mandy M. Roth
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-528-4
Length: Novella
Cover art by Anne Cain
A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness. Book two in King of Prey series.

"Zandia" by Tilly Greene
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Red Hots!
ISBN: 1-59998-533-0
Length: Category
Centuries from now, and millions of miles away, how are the sexes getting along?

"Hunk of Burnin' Love" by Veronica Wilde
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 1-59998-584-5
Length: Short Story
Falling in lust with a sexy Elvis impersonator gets complicated when Vanessa discovers the real Elvis Presley may have hoaxed his death. A Midsummer Night’s Steam story.


If you read any of these, be sure and report back to let us know how they are!

Jody Wallace
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