16 July 2007

Some Like It Hot

No, I don't mean the movie starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn. Though a very good movie, I'm speaking more of "Hot" in the erotic sense.

A few weeks ago, my crit partner, Antonia, and I were on IM discussing different subgenres and labeling thereof. I mentioned something about working on a book that was futuristic or sci-fi but was also extremely hot. How would one classify such a hybrid? Is it futurotica, or scifotica? The reason the topic came up was because I was thinking about where my strengths are in writing, and I determined I seem to get the best reviews and responses from my sci-fi/futuristics that also happen to be erotic romances. I wanted to write to my strengths. Now, I don't usually feel a pressing need to categorize myself - I usually like to write the story and sort out exactly where it belongs later - but it is nice to know going into a project where it's going to fall on a bookstore shelf. It also helps to know where to target it to editors and/or agents.

This entire discussion got me thinking of other erotic romance subgenres. How about fantrotica? That would be the melding of fantasy and erotic genres. Though I've read some fantasy that had subject matter that got very close to the line of what most erotic romance publishers would consider hitting their "squickometer," I don't think I've ever read a novel that was fantasy and erotic combined. (And I don't consider the 'Beauty' series by Anne Rice fantasy) I'm talking more of the DAW, TOR, or Baen type of fantasy. Love scenes in such novels, if done with open bedroom door, tends to be done as if the reader were watching from their periphery. I thinking more along the lines of full on love scenes, complete with erotic set up and language. I do have one I'm in the process of writing, but I wonder at the reception it will receive. However, where it does have open door sex with graphic language it's also probably 50% intrigue and military strategy.

What would be your reception to the hotter side of fantasy? (Not to be confused with sexual fantasies, which is an entirely different discussion.) Sword, Sorcery and Sex. Oooooooo...I think I just found my new tagline!!!

Let's hear what you think.

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