31 July 2007

Samhain New Release for July 31!

There's one lovely little paranormal romance new from Samhain Publishing today -- go check out:

"The Seraphim: Setheus" by Rene Lyons
Paranormal Romance Novella
ISBN: 1-59998-537-3
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

He fell from grace to protect humanity—and found Heaven in her kiss.

After her mother’s deathbed confession changes everything she’s ever believed, Sabrina heads out on a quest to find out who—and what—her father was. Instead, she finds Seth, a man whose life is as steeped in secrets as her own.

Thousands of years ago, Setheus made the ultimate sacrifice. He gave up Heaven to protect humanity from Hell. For years he has waited, biding his time for Sabrina to come to him for answers. But he is unprepared for the feelings her arrival awakens in him.

As Seth and Sabrina discover a love that burns brighter than the light of Heaven, a deadly threat overshadows their happiness. Before they can find peace with each other, they must confront an enemy that would unmake the world…


Jody W.
http://meankittybox.blogspot.com * http://otherworlddiner.blogspot.com
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