05 July 2007

Thirteen Shapeshifters

A couple of weeks ago I listed thirteen werewolves from Samhain. This week I'll list thirteen shapeshifters (non-werewolves). (If there are more, I couldn't find them, but add them below if you'd like!)

  1. Revealing Skills Summer Devon
  2. Here Kitty, Kitty Shelly Laurenston
  3. The Ocean's Shadow Jennah Sharpe
  4. Seize the Hunter Michelle M. Pillow
  5. Caged Desire Sydney Somers
  6. Firebird Jaycee Clark
  7. Kiss Me Deadly Shannon Stacey
  8. Kindred: The Shadows of Night Ellen Fisher
  9. Hunter's Pride Shiloh Walker
  10. Prince of Spies Bianca D'Arc
  11. The Ice Dragon Bianca D'Arc
  12. The Distressing Damsel Shelly Laurenston
  13. Immortal Protector Ursula Bauer
And if you're looking for more, there will be anthologies: I Dream of Dragons and On the Prowl. (Though I'm not entirely sure of shapeshifting content in the former.)
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