14 July 2007

Seattle Underground

Hello, Veilers!

I'm back from vacation in Washington, where we spent time visiting Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, and Olympic National Park/Olympic Peninsula.

I brought back about a gazillion pictures of my own, not counting the several digital cards of photos and video my husband took. I don't claim to be a great photographer; of the 500 or so snapshots I took, there are maybe a dozen I'd upload. LOL

But here's one I took on the Seattle Underground tour that I believe has a spirit orb in it. Modern Seattle is built on the bones of the Victorian-era city, which solved a rather serious sewage drainage problem. (More earth was moved to raise Seattle than was moved to build the Panama Canal.) Many of the old streets, sidewalks and storefronts still exist. The first floor of most downtown buildings are actually under the present sidewalk!

Needless to say walking around down there is more than a little creepy. In fact, the day we took the tour, the crew from the TV show "Ghosthunters" was scheduled to spend the night down there that very evening. So maybe the ghosts were resting up in anticipation of a night in front of the camera, because I caught only one photo with what looks like an orb:


So, what do you think? An orb, or wishful thinking? :)


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