03 September 2007

Bianca's Creatures & Upcoming Books

I've been gearing up for the release of my newest Dragon Knights story, Wings of Change, on September 11th from Samhain. Though it's more of a fantasy story than paranormal, I'm very excited about where the creatures and shapeshifters in my world of dragons are heading. If you want more information about it, please check the page for the book on my website.

In the Dragon Knights series, I have some dragons that can shapeshift and some that are just dragons. I always enjoy the differences between the animal and the human animal, if you will. I've been working on a bunch of different kinds of shapeshifters in various books. Lords of the Were was my first foray into werewolves, and though I enjoyed it immensely, I like to mix things up a bit and write about different kinds of shifters. My next paranormal book, Sweeter Than Wine, will be a mix of vampires and other supernaturals. A cat shifter will feature prominently, but there will also be bird-of-prey shifters and a few Others to make things interesting.

The next time I plan on featuring a werewolf won't be until I write Dante's story. Dante was a supporting character in Lords of the Were and many people have asked me what will happen with him. I know, in theory, what I want to happen and just have to write it, but I will say this: he'll meet his match in a lone wolf bitch who's been sent to spy on him. Mixing vamps and weres should be a lot of fun. I can't wait to have time to write this one!

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