15 September 2007

Immortal Highlander

Two of my favorite romance themes are immortality and Highlanders. Is it a shock to hear that the 1986 movie Highlander is one of my first crush movies?
In fangirl appreciation of tonights premier showing of Sci Fi's Highlander : The Source, I bring you a walk down a very visual Highlander memory lane.The original movie brought us Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert, two of the sexiest immortals I've ever been happy to 'study'. There might be only one, but here we have two. Must be some fuzzy math at work.

This first picture isn't even from The Highlander, but I'll take any excuse to put up a picture of Sean Connery in a white tux. >mmmmmmm<
sean-connery 2

Connery in a black tux looks just as fine.

Highlander also gave us Christopher Lambert. Who could have a problem with that?

In 1991 the movie studios released the first of several attempts to get Highlander II : The Quickening right. What a mess. Several Directors cut, Special Edition, Renegade version, and Fan Revisions later, you've got several entirely different movies to watch if you want to see them all. But we'll just look at some more shots of Connery and Lambert instead.

highlander2 Love that sword between them!
christopher 3 Dark and brooding, the lost soul. christopher 4

In 1994 Highlander III: The Final Dimension was released. A much better movie than that mess a few years before.

Still much wonderful Christopher Lambert to watch, but Sean Connery was sadly missing in this installment.

Highlander 3

Fun Highlander trivia - Actress Deborah Kara Unger did her love scenes with 'Christopher Lambert' herself, declining to use a body double. Can you blame her? She's not immortal, so she doesn't get her picture here.

That brings us to 2000, and Highlander: Endgame. Endgame ties together the series that had been running on tv, with the movies.

And with Christopher Lambert, now we get Adrian Paul.

christopher and adrian
adrian 2
Adrian is our tv Highlander .

Highlander, The Series ran for six seasons, although Paul Adrian's charactor was not around much in the sixth. It was a very charactor driven series, with some high moments and some real low ones as the series neared its end.

A short lived spin off (Highlander : The Raven) gave us 22 episodes of female immortality, starring Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda.
elizabeth gracen

I've got to say Amanda herself never did to much for me (that bleach blonde look - ugh), but the hunk in the background? He's Nick, played by Paul Johannson. And he is HOT.
nick 1
Hello Gorgeous.
And in the final episode, can you guess what happens?
Yeah. He becomes immortal. One more yummy immortal walking the world!

That ends my visual stroll down memory lane. Tonight I hope we get more of the good that the Highlander series and movies has brought us, and less of the bad. But either way I'll be watching, enjoying the fantasy of men in kilts with big swords who can love a woman forever.

Do you have a favorite Highlander? Or are you like me - glad that there really can't be only one?
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