20 September 2007

Thirteen Things about KAT MANCOS

Thirteen Things about KAT MANCOS

1 - Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your life?
I live with my hubby, Dave, who is an independant comics artist and writer. So in addition to living with my own characters, I share the house with the Intergalatic Samaurai Clowns, Jet-Pak Penguin and two-ton Rhino who wears tropical shirts and is bent on world domination. What can I say, it's a crazy house.

2 - Do you write everyday? Any routines or rituals? Are you a plot or seat-of-your-pants writer?

I try to write something everyday, even if it's a grocery list or character sketches. I also work on several stories at once and I'm constantly plotting. I also tend to think in terms of series, so I have started delving into the world of timelines in addition to my character sketches and plotting. However, that being said, I'm all for abandoning the outline if the characters suddenly take me in an unexpected direction. So, I consider myself a kind of hybrid: a plotser.

3 - How would you describe the genre in which you do most of your writing?

I'm all about hybrids - I love fantasy worlds based on science, or the science of fantasy. I love to blend those two genres and come up with twists and turns that no one expects. I'm kind of like that with my paranormals as well. I might come up with a totally rational and biological reason for my immortals, while explaining their existence in the framework of folklore. To me it's perfectly natural to have a gargoyle with the heart of a poet, or a harpie with a bad-hair day. I also love to write dark...with some comedic moments. I can't seem to tow the line in one particular direction. Never have been able to...but then I think that works for me and keeps life interesting.

4 - Star Wars or Star Trek?

I love them both. I have to admit if given the chance, I'd leave to live on Deep Space Nine right this minute. Of all the Star Trek franchise that's the one that gripped me the most.

5 - What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?

So far, getting that first sale...that first contract. Certainly winning the 2005 TARA Contest was a big feather in my cap. It was the first contest I'd ever entered, and with opening chapters I'd written on the fly. The book just came together so easily for me. I felt blessed writing it. (I wish they'd all come to me so easily..hehehehehee)

6 - What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Keep going. Keep learning. Keep working. Do not give up. I'm proof that if you have a goal and determination you can see your work published.

7 - What web sites or reader groups / author groups do you frequent and recommend?

Definately the Romance Divas. Wonderful bunch of writers over there who are supportive and very knowledge about all facets of the business. Samhain Cafe is a good one. Romance Junkies. If you write or read ebooks, EPIC is a good group to join. I am also a member of NJRW and am very active in that chapter.

8 - What kinds of books do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

I read all kinds. Right now I'm reading the Mordant's Need series by Stephen R. Donaldson. Usually I read to mood. I'll go for a while and devour sci-fi then all of a sudden I want some action/adventure, then I'll be crying for a nice Regency romance. My list of favorite authors is very long. Let's see.... these are in no particular order. Judith Merkle-Riley, Kate Elliot, Melanie Rawn, Mercedes Lackey, John Jakes, Michael Crichton, C.S. Friedman, Jane Ann Krentz, the Nora, Susan Anderson, Linda Howard, Tami Hoag, Elizabeth Lowell, Sharon Kay Penman, Christina Skye, Robin D. Owens, Susan Grant...the list goes on and on.

9 - What is your latest book about?

I was lucky enough to secure a spot in the Samhain Publishing's I Dream of Dragons anthology. My story is titled, Dragon Tamer and is best described as CSI meets Pern.

10 - What will your next book be about?

I have so many ideas I work on at a time it's hard to tell what's next, or what needs to be next. I have a list taped to my monitor of 17 books I've started and need to finish. But damn it if I don't keep getting new ideas that I can't wait to write that kind of bump into the queue and demand to be written first. So, I will start on a new project and leave the list hanging, knowing I'll get to them eventually. I'm really into writing sci-fi/fantasy these days. Plus I've taken on a contemporary pen name and am trying to branch out in that direction as well.

11 - What are the goals you are still working toward?

A NY contract. Bestsellers lists. Faithful fans ala Dead-Heads. I want to be the author at conferences and book signings who the fans flock to. I want fan girls and guys to treat me like a rock star.... All right...I'm dreaming now, but why not? If you're going to dream, make it a good one.

12 - When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered?

As one hell of a broad!

13 - Now for the most important question - what do you believe makes a book sexy?

Chemistry and a sense of humor. You can read about characters having sex, and the scene not be sexy at all. It's all in the attitude. A sense of humor...well, I just think that's the sexiest thing a guy can have. And my husband is the funniest guy I know...I'm extremely lucky.

Visit Kat Mancos at her website - http://www.mystickat.com/

Check out her new release, DRAGON TAMER - available now from Samhain Publishing

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