16 September 2007

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Gort

Welcome back to Divination Sunday, and the continuation of the Celtic Ogham series. Today's symbol: Gort.

Gort: Ivy
(Hedera helix)
Month: Sept. 30-Oct. 28
Color: Blue
Letter: G
Stone/crystal: Moonstone or opal
Planet: Moon
Deity: Arianrhod
Chakra: Heart and/or solar plexus

In Irish, gort is the word for "field", which is related to the Welsh word garth (garden) and Latin hortus.

The spiral growth of Ivy reminds us of the movement and cycles of the planets, stars and season. As it grows, it creates a tangled labyrinth of paths and journeys, which might leads us forward, or send us back to where we started! It's twining pattern indicates the intertwining of the conscious and subconscious mind. Some sources relate this pattern to that of our own DNA.

When it appears in a reading, it means you face some difficult decisions, and it's time to take a giant step back and do some soul-searching, lest you rush forward and choose the wrong path or become entangled in even more difficulty. It could also mean that you're thinking or worrying too hard, and you need to put a problem aside for a while and trust your subconscious to work on it before you come back around to it later.

Ivy is a beautiful and delicate looking, but if you've ever tried to eradicate it from your garden, you find it's a tough, stubborn little plant!

Arianrhod, the "Silver Wheel", considered the ancestral goddess of the Celts, is a symbol of the spiral of time, and of karma. Like ivy, her path has no beginning and no end; one who follows her path must do so with an open heart and mind (hence the trusting of the conscious to the subconscious).

Sacred Texts
Joelle's Sacred Grove
Celtic Tree Mysteries by Stephen Blamires
Celtic Tree Oracle by Colin Murray

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