26 September 2007

Moonlight Becomes Me?

During my last turn at the blogwheel I explored what it would be like to be a vampiressessess. (still can't say that) This time, I'm looking at the advantages of being a well, I suppose there's really no other word for it--a Superbitch. I love books about shapeshifters, in fact, I've written three of my own. However, in all of them, my shifter is a male. So, what advantages does a Weregrrl have over a mere miss?

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie That's Amore`

Hot fanged and furry alpha bad boyz must exude some sort of sexed up vibes. Why else would otherwise intelligent strong-willed women lose the ability to think, say no and/or stay vertical the minute these admittedly fantabulous Furboys walk through the door? Pheromones can only explain so much and as for those washboard stomachs, come on how shallow can any woman be.. *pause* okay, I'll give on the abs, and those added *ahem* inches don't hurt either.

However, it goes without saying that whatever Furboys can do a Weregrrl can do better. Girls Rule, Boys Drool after all. Queen of All I Survey is a long and unwieldy title, but I could learn to live with it. Come and worship, but don't forget my daily tithe of Godivas. Surely supernatural canines can overcome that digesting chocolate thing their pleeb brethren have, if not, I shall be a pioneer for paranormal puppies everywhere.

Bark At The Moon

Now for the darker side of being a big bad wolf babe. Fur. That's right, I said it. Fighting the hirsute battle, mowing the leg lawn, whether with wax or a set of triple steel blades designed to slice our flesh with one false move. Now tell me women ain't tough enough to rip off someone's heads with their bare hands.

Which brings me to my next subject: Growling,mood swings, glowing eyes, and growing fangs and claws once a month is something I'm already familiar with, thanks to my friend and yours, Mother Nature. *Grr* While it's long been a proven fact that women are connected intimately with the tides and therefore the moon, I'm not so sure I'd want to be Hairy Carrie even if it was temporary. (Tee hee a rhyme!)

So, super strength and oh-so-sexy would be wonderful, but I've got three words that outweigh those two things.

Full. Body. Brazilian.


Jenna Leigh
Who Can Buy Her Own Chocolate, Thanks!
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