27 September 2007


Lately, I've been enjoying that new superhero show, House. Now it's taken me a while to realize he's a superhero. At first I thought he was just a doctor. But his incredible powers of observation and his amazing ability to put the pieces of a diagnostic puzzle together have convinced me otherwise.

Don't get me wrong. I love House. I love the show, I love the actor, Hugh Laurie (remember him in Stuart Little?), and I love the character, Gregory House.

But I've been watching the seasons on DVD. I actually didn't see so many episodes of season 1. But I'm glued to season 2 and looking forward to season 3. (Don't spoil me!)

Thing is, when you watch House solve four extremely difficult cases in one day, you begin to think it's not quite realistic. It's TV you think (or I think) and that's okay. But when my suspension of disbelief begins to disappear, I find it easier to decide this is a somewhat alternate reality with superheroes and then I can just sit back and enjoy again.

So who is your favorite of his students/acolytes: Cameron, Chase or Foreman? It may change from season to season, but at the moment mine is Chase. Now, maybe I'm shallow and it's just that he's the prettiest. But I think this season Foreman is too arrogant (I still like him, just not best), Cameron is, well, Cameron—she's okay, occasionally a little tiresome but I wouldn't want to do without her—and Chase isn't stabbing House in the back. Instead, he made a big mistake and he paid.

Oh, and talking about alternate reality. I am pretty sure that in Canada, doctors, even would-be fellows of genius doctors, do not go into patients' homes and search through their rooms. Yet it seems to happen every second episode! Maybe this is common in the states?! (I'm doubting it, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

So, anyone else a fan of House the superhero?

(And, no, I haven't yet see Heroes, but I will.)
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