11 February 2009


Elephants fascinate me. They're not beautiful, but they are amazing, in shape and size and especially in personality. So I wanted to share a couple of videos about elephant sanctuaries. (This is my first attempt to embed videos here to bear with me. I'll put in links too, in case.)

The first documentary is from 60 minutes and is about an elephant orphanage. The very sad thing is that more babies are being orphaned since the ivory trade has opened up again. It used to be that the baby elephants would simply die because humans couldn't care for them even if they wanted to. But someone has created a milk formula that can allow the babies to thrive and with that (and many hard workers), there's now an orphanage.

The second video is about a sanctuary for older retired elephants. They go to this sanctuary and generally become best buds with another elephant. But sometimes friendships can surprise everyone. It's very sweet, even if the reunion is a little heartbreaking.


Carolan Ivey said...

Fascinating...and heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing those!

Karin said...

Very interesting. I'm glad that the elephants have somewhere to go.

Anonymous said...

Carolan--they are such fascinating creatures, aren't they?

Karin--agreed. It's wonderful that these people take care of these intelligent animals.