11 February 2009

Love is in the air...or is it? Valentine Pros and Cons

“Love is in the air…”

*dashes to turn off bad elevator music*

Or is it?

Today is Friday the 13th…and the legacy of the Templars still carries on. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day and Friday the 13th, I decided to make a list. The Pros and Cons of Valentine’s Day. For the sake of argument, let’s start with the Cons:

1) Have you ever had a guy you were sure could be the one dump you in January just to avoid the stigma of that awful Valentine’s Day appointment? Why? My guy friends assure me it’s not us, but it’s the expectations brought on by the highly commercial and materialistic interpretation of the LOVE day.

2) For all of us married folk, have you ever checked your husband’s credit cards, debit accounts, or bank statements in March? And the realization that the beautiful bling you showed off to all your friends cost half your savings that could have gone on that car repair that showed up at the most inopportune time?

3) Worse, for all of us who have abandoned corporate America for the joy of jeans and pajamas as daily wear leaving hubby to make all the money, have you ever had him say, “You know I love you, but can we just get a bottle of wine and have some time together after the kids go to bed?” Now, for me? That’s something special since our children and the demands of daily living mean we don’t have those moments anymore. But it’s not the traditional extravagance a lot of women want.

4) Now, have you ever had a Valentine’s gift that just wasn’t right? Something totally not something that you’d ever wear or to your taste? But he had to go get you something, so he walked into a store and let the Salesperson come up with it? Sometimes, that can be worse than not getting a gift at all.

5) And what about the men who just thumb their nose at it? Who refuse to acknowledge the day at all because they don’t want to be forced into gift giving mode? As much as the most forgiving of us can be, the hurt feelings are there even if you understand the rationale.

Pros of Valentine’s Day:

1) It’s a day where your significant other makes you feel special. Now, as a tip for the guys out there (you can link them here), it doesn’t have to break the bank. Get a bottle of wine and write a personal note – or just arrange for a sitter and take your wife for a walk!

2) It’s a day for you to do fun things for the people in your life! For me, part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is planning fun things for the kids to do.

3) Date night. For those of us with families, that’s something we’ve very nearly forgotten existed!

4) Memories. The Mastercard commercial says it best: Some things are priceless.

5) Sex. There, I said it. It’s one of the few nights a year where you set the stage to get lucky…and you’re both obligated to put out. *grins*

So, light a few candles and enjoy the day – and if it’s a bust, there are some really great books coming out with Samhain Publishing this month!

The Tickle My Fantasy books are popping on the stage one at a time (
Carolina Wolf and Paramatch.com are already available) – with my personal favorite, The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo, and the Poltergeist Accountant, coming out on the 17th! Witches Anonymous closes out the month on the 24th. All of these books are a wonderful read.

The Samhellion has free reads up in honor of the day, too. Shorts that are guaranteed to make you feel better.

And if print books are your thing, my novella
Tiger by the Tail, releases in the ON THE PROWL anthology on the 24th. My author copies are in hand and I’m seriously excited about being able to go down to my local bookstore to buy it! AND...I just found out some Barnes and Noble stores have it on the shelf a little early...can we say ROAD TRIP?

And…in case you’re curious…my husband and I have banned the holiday. We have no plans by mutual agreement…and I’m okay with that. Really.

Do you have plans? Or want to share your best Valentine's Day memory? Or worst?


Carolan Ivey said...

[[5) Sex. There, I said it. It’s one of the few nights a year where you set the stage to get lucky…and you’re both obligated to put out. *grins*]]

[grinning back]

Valentine's Day, for me, is kind of a pain. It comes hard on the heels of Christmas and three or four family birthdays, and ya know what? I'm burned out on thinking up something special to do/give.

On the other hand, there was the year that DH and I went to Walmart separately, and out of the thousands of cards on the rack, we both picked the same one. I still have them. :)

As it happens, this year we are kidless for the weekend. We may go out to dinner, or stay home and cook something special that the boy would turn his nose up at. Wine, a DVD, and gettin' nekkid. Couldn't be happier with that. [wink]

Kaye Chambers said...


I can relate to the sentiment! This is the first year in five me and hubby have been in the same state...

But we just decided to skip the production and just spend time together.

Vivi Andrews said...

My Valentine plan as The Only Single Romance Writer on the Planet (I know, I know, there are others, but sometimes it feels like I'm the only unhitched romancer out there) is to curl up with the sappiest, mushiest romance novel I can find, a box of chocolate-covered marshmallow hearts and Cary Grant. ;)