25 February 2009

What To Post When You're Brain Dead

Today was a work day. By that I mean my children, at great monetary expense, were both out of the house at the same time and I wrote like a fiend. I did not clean, I did not bathe, I did not answer the phone, I did not check the mail, I did not check the email (more than a few times), I did not eat (more than twice), I did not get out of my chair (except to eat and go to the bathroom). I wrote. All day. And ignored even the cats, who did long for my attention.

As a result, by the end of a day like that, I am as dead headed as a flower out of season and unfortunately mine won't grow back stronger and prettier if you cut it off. In lieu of a creative and thought provoking blog post today like Bianca's recent one about urban fantasy and violence, I'm going to post a list of links to articles about self-editing, something near and dear to my heart. In fact, incessant self editing is why I only wrote 2000 words today instead of 4000.

But they're 2000 really pretty words.













What are your favorite self editing tips and tricks? I like to reread my text when I'm supposed to be writing new words. Well, I don't LIKE it but I sure as hell do it enough. I also like to use Word's "search" function a lot, though I've learned not to be heavy handed with "replace". That way lies madness.

Jody W.

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Carolan Ivey said...

There are a couple things I do. First, I read the manuscript backwards. That way I don't get caught up in the story and miss things. Two, I read out loud. (well, under my breath!). If a sentence doesn't flow easily off the tongue, chances are the reader will trip over it, so it gets edited. :)