07 February 2009


Flaws.  We all have them. 

David Beckham, oh god of Armani underwear,


has a thing for skinny blonds with boy haircuts.  Nora Roberts head hops like a Mexican Jumping Bean (although since I still adore her books, is this a flaw or just her style?)  I fuss at my kids if they bother me when I’m trying to work - and man, will seeing Coraline ever give you a complex about that.

But there are flaws, and then there are Flaws.  The heroine of my new book Flawed – coming this summer from Samhain Publishing  – has some pretty serious ones of the capital Flaw flavor.

She’s a princess and heir to the kingdom; life should be pretty good, wouldn’t you think?  But happenings in her world of Elfish magic and court treachery has her backed into a pretty tight corner.  Her magic?  Nonexistent.  Her birthright?  Seems to have deserted her.  And even David Beckham up there wouldn’t be doing anything for her – she’s got a serious problem when it comes to sex.

I think I’ll take my short temper over her set of problems.

Have you got any flaws you want to admit to?  Or maybe, as gamers are often sarcastically saying, they aren’t really flaws, they’re features! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Beckham crotch shot.

Ahh, flaws, yes we all have them. Some of us will even admit to some of them. Mine, you ask. I can't leave well enough alone, I always have to have the last word in a arguement. Which usually means that the arguement last twice as long as it would have. I have to be good at things, if I don't think I can do something then most of the time I won't even try.

ObsidianBlade31 said...


And not in a I don't want to do it sort of way, just I've still got time to finish until I'm three days late. sigh. I need a personal assistant.

I looked really hard and couldn't find any flaws on David. I think I should take the pic and you need to find a different one. :)

Unknown said...

So Coraline will give me a complex...ugh.

I worry too much. As in, way too much. Takes up all my time. HUGE flaw, that.

Anonymous said...

Was that a weird combo, putting a Beckham crotch shot in a post about flaws? There's certainly nothing wrong with that picture that I can find...

Lia, I don't call those flaws - they're quirks! I share several of them ;)

Tina, PROCRASTINATION is just a way of testing your emergancy response ability. Right? Right?

Jenna, I really loved Coraline. It's one of those movies I can't wait to see again. But yeah up I think in 3D, that needle coming out of the screen (I'm sure aimed right for my eyes) is going to be a bit freakier than it was in 2D.