24 February 2009

It's in Bookstores...and it's not a dream!

Hello everyone!

Something wonderful has happened today. My novella, TIGER BY THE TAIL, has come out in print in the anthology ON THE PROWL.
Now, I'll admit to a certain amount of excitement. This is one of those things that has been on my LIFE GOAL list, so I'm really over the moon about it.
But...something made it better. My friend, Vivi Andrews, went to her local bookstore to pick it up and - GASP - it was an end cap.
That's right, folks, displayed for all the world to see right when they turn down the Romance with other New in Romance titles.
Blow me down like a feather.
Yes, I knew having it in bookstores would mean people would buy it, but it's different to have solid evidence to the fact.
It really is a situation where dreams come true...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the end cap, Kaye. That's fantastic! I hope your friend was able to take a picture.

Jane said...

Congrats, Kaye.

Kaye Chambers said...

Thank you for the congratulations!

And Jorrie, sadly enough, no. She didn't have her camera with her and her phone doesn't have one on it.

But, I'll give a $10 B&N giftcard to the first one who can find one on an end cap and email me the picture! (kayechambers@msn.com)


Vivi Andrews said...

I am officially useless. I drove all the way back up to B&N (hour & a half roundtrip) to get the picture. Got the picture. Looks fabulous. Now I can't find my little card-reader thingy that lets me get the picture from my camera to my computer. My ineptitude knows no bounds. But seriously, it's a great picture. :) Maybe I should just mail you my entire camera, Kaye, and you can figure out how to get the pic off it.

Carolan Ivey said...

Congratulations, Kaye!

Kaye Chambers said...

Do I have great friends or what!

I'm going to cry. Take your time, Vivi...I'm going to start working on the scrapbook page to get it ready.



Jean Marie Ward said...

Go you! Hugs, cyber-confetti and big big happy dances, Jean Marie